Since opening in 1959, this museum has specialized in maintaining the heritage of Slovenian beekeeping by keeping records, collecting, storing, documenting, representing and popularising this tradition. Its quarters are in the Baroque Mansion House in the old part of the town.

The museum’s exhibits represent the three key themes that mark Slovenian beekeeping: an indigenous race of bees, world renowned beekeepers and painted beehive panels.

The historical-technical part of the exhibition presents the history of beekeeping which has a long tradition. In the 18th and 19th century it was one of the main agricultural activities. The collection shows world renowned beekeepers, among others also the first teacher of beekeeping Anton Janša.

The central part is the collection of painted beehive panels. Painting of beehive front boards, which is a unique characteristic of Slovenian beekeeping, started in the 18th century. The extensive collection boasts unique themes, a variety of motifs and a large number of panels.

Biological room shows the life of bees. From spring to autumn bees can be observed during their work in a beehive.

Museum offers guided tours for all age groups and a workshop of rolling the candles from natural beeswax.


  • Entrance fee: children 2 €, adults 3 €
  • Candle making workshop: 2 € per person

Museum Of Apiculture Radovljica 
Linhartov trg 1
SI- 4240 Radovljica
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