On November 22, 2017,   the Slovenian Tourist Board organized an event  in London (National Library House). The   topic  was “It’s Slovenia CultureTime”.

The purpose of the event was to present journalists and diplomats from the UK what Slovenia can offer in  2018. The event was attended by approximately 50-60 journalists, ambassadors / diplomats from other countries.

The official start of the event was announced by our Slovenian ambassador in London. His focus and purpose was to present to  diplomats and ambassadors  a World Bee Day and briefly spoke about this.

 Mladen Ljubisic (Head of Slovenian Tourist Board for UK & Ireland) had  briefly presented our Slovenian wines and beekeeping tradition in Slovenia. Maja Čampelj (Club of Professional Travel Guides) presented Beekeeping tourism in Slovenia and  development of various products. Her task was to present:

– Certification of beekeeping tourism providers,
– Uniqueness of training beekeeping tourism guides,
– Offers to observe beekeepers at work,
– Workshops for candles and painting of beepanels,
– Offering apitherapy…

After final presentations, the netwokring was followed.  During the networking Maja Campel and Tina Hudnik responded to the visitors’ questions.