Modernly equipped and designed beekeeping education centre of Gorenjska combines the education, development, presentation and promotion of beekeeping. It preserves rich Slovene beekeeping heritage, but at the same time it also follows contemporary technology standards of beekeeping. The purpose of the centre is also the preservation of autochthonous Carniolian honey bee, raising awareness about its importance, connection to unpolluted environment and protection of nature, as well as its heterogeneity of life.
If you would like something sweet or you need a nice gift or beekeeping equipment, come to our BEESHOP store. In a nice relaxed atmosphere of our small bar Tearoom PANJ, you can refresh yourself with cold drinks, ice cream or taste honey products. There is also a playing area for the youngest visitors. To relax your body and mind choose aromatherapy with honey products, e.g. beeswax, propolis, honey, pollen and bee venom. Face and body care is based on these natural ingredients.


• personal advice to beekeepers
• education for beekeepers
• organization and conducting of the apiculture workshops in elementary schools
• filling the honey into the jars
• making honey comb fundations
• guided tours of apiary
• degustation of honey products
• workshop – painting beehive panels, making candles, getting to know herbs, bee perennials…
• science days for kindergartens, primary and secondary schools
• intergenerational workshops
• the exhibition space, where every month a new exhibitor presents
• groups up to 45 persons
• a small bar with terrace
• massage salon
• beekeeping shop (souvenirs, bee products – honey, pollen, honey liqueur, gingerbread, honey chocolate, beekeeping equipment…)
• modernly conference room, which can accommodate up to 100 people


Čebelarski razvojno izobraževalni center Gorenjske
Rožna dolina 50 a
4248 Lesce
GSM: +0386 (0)31 628 499
E: cebelarski.center@gmail.com
E: www.cricg.si

Tajnica Čebelarske zveze Slovenije:

+386 1 72 96 102, +386 41 370 409

Urednik revije Slovenski čebelar:

+386 1 72 96 114, +386 51 637 204

Poslovna sekretarka Čebelarske zveze Slovenije:

+386 1 72 96 100, +386 41 337 854

Čebelarska knjižnica Janeza Goličnika:

+386 1 72 96 111 (vsak delovni četrtek med 13. in 17. uro)

Tanja Arih Korošec, Aritours

+386 2 22 98 360

Darja Šolar, predsednica Sekcije za apiturizem

+386 40 759 357