Robert Skubin


Hilly province Brda is a mosaic of beauty conceals, numerous architectural jewels, natural sights and gourmet experience. In small village Hlevnik, which extends over three hills lies beekeeping Skubin. It represents a continuation of the broken family tradition, which is through hard work and available again awakened. In the embrace of olive groves and vineyards, the apiary intended aromatherapy, accompanied by the bee buzzing sounds. Smelling aerosol out of hive and the sound of buzzing bees has a beneficial effect on our physical and mental health, particularly in the respiratory system. Bees located in ten AZ hives, are producing four of the most typical types of honey in Brda – flower, chestnut, linden and acacia. For children and animal lovers is particularly interesting surroundings homestead. Near the apiary is located the pasture with walking animals. Owners are promising genuine and hometown hospitality. Its location is ideal for biking, hiking and sightseeing of natural and cultural monuments in the area.


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• Sales of different types of honey

• Sales of honey liqueur
• Tasting of honey and wine
• Resting in the apiary
• Inhalation of bee aerosols
• Guided tour of Goriška Brda and its attractions
• Possibility of lunches
• No. of occupation: 35
• Accommodation is not possible.

Contact information

Robert Skubin
Hlevnik 11
5212 Dobrovo

GSM: +0386 (0)31 359 624

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