In Slovenia beekeeping is considered to be the poetry of agriculture. It is not merely keeping bees for their honey, but much more. It is a way of life.

Lying on the southern sunny side of Alps, mixed coniferous and deciduous forests cover around 50% of the country, which lies in a zone where warm Mediterranean, cool Alpine and the seasonally varied Continental climate regimes meet. Climate and topography have encouraged the development of a wealth of species, including some important nectar-bearing plants. Its diversity has ensured that Slovenia is a paradise for bees, whilst beekeeping, as one of this territory’s oldest and most traditional rural activities, forms an important element of Slovenian culture.


A key element of the green economy

Our environmental orientation is expressed in the ApiRoutes products and services that follow the strategy of sustainable tourism. In this we aim to preserve the natural environment, raise awareness and educate as to the importance of nature conservation and the respect of natural laws.


With its educational role, ApiRoutes brings out the best in people, the best in their perceptions and actions, the best in destinations and services, and it transforms all this awareness and knowledge into an important value to take home, share and live by. It is highly environmental and social responsible. Api Tours, Api Excursions and Api Well-being Programs significantly contribute to the sustainable development of green ecotourism.


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»We offer Api Experiences (Api Excursion, Api Training, Api Wellbeing programs) in Slovenia for beekeeping groups and other api enthusiasts from different countries who would like to explore Slovenia´s unspoiled nature, culture and in the same time learn about beekeeping and exchange experiences with Slovenian beekeepers. We assure personal approach, professional service and assistance; all our guides are licensed and professionally trained in beekeeping.” Tanja Arih Korošec, director


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