Travel as inspiration, education and life enrichment

ApiRoutes combines Slovenia’s distinctive heritage and its rich beekeeping tradition with those travel trends that favor healthy and eco-friendly pursuits. Building on its long experience in developing, arranging and marketing original tourism products, Aritours creates a unique vacation experience – the Api experience. In the words of Aritours’ Director Mrs Tanja Arih Korosec, the ApiRoutes mission is to »create a new dimension of travel that raises awareness as to the importance of our natural world, together with such fundamental values as health, family, creativity, connection andharmony in life’s fulfillment.« ApiRoutes embraces tours as well as education and training programs. Highlights include presentations of bee pollen, royal jelly and propolis production, together with seminars on their beneficent effects on health and well-being. In addition to visits to beekeeping museums and typical Slovenian bee houses it provides opportunities to attend workshops addressing topics ranging from the manufacture of items from beeswax and beehive panel painting, to making and baking honey dough dishes and sampling sparkling meads. The highlight is experiencing apitherapy in a typical Slovenian bee house, biomassage or thermotherapy.

key element of the green economy

Our environmental orientation is expressed in the ApiRoutes products and services that follow the strategy of sustainable tourism. In this we aim to preserve the natural environment, raise awareness and educate as to the importance of nature conservation and the respect of natural laws.

With its educational role, ApiRoutes brings out the best in people, the best in their perceptions and actions, the best in destinations and services, and it transforms all this awareness and knowledge into an important value to take home, share and live by. It is highly environmental and social responsible. Api Tours, Api Excursions and Api Well-being Programs significantly contribute to the sustainable development of green ecotourism. 

We transport you into the arms of unspoiled nature and let you experience the beauties and riches of a small verdant land populated by friendly and relaxed people. Set between the snowy Alps and the clear blue waters of the Mediterranean, and bounded by the Dinaric Karst and the great Pannonian Plain of Central Europe, Slovenia never fails to surprise and delight.

Programs are tailored to the individual interests and requirements of the consumer.