Apitourism promotes travel to green destinations

Apitourism – A Fusion of Green Destinations, Apiculture & Travel

Some people call it Natural. Others call it Green. We call it Api. It is about authentic travel which enriches one’s life and strengthens one’s connection with nature, culture and society. This merger of apiculture and travel opportunities thus becomes api-tourism.

Slovenian Beekeepers Association is the promoter of creative tourism

Our certified providers are hardworking as the apis mellifera carnica.

Tanja Arih Korošec embodies the driving force of Apitourism - both locally and globally.

Apitourism – A Fusion of Green Destinations, Apiculture & Travel

Branded ApiRoutes, these products are developed and promoted by the Slovenian Beekeepers’ Association and the Aritours travel agency. The content, effects and benefits of api-tourism extend far beyond the beekeeping.

Api Experiences Beyond Beekeeping provide an opportunity to become intimate with Slovenia’s nature, culture and traditions, its exceptional cuisine and warm-hearted people. In addition to being a showcase for an apicultural tradition as well as an occasion to become familiar with some unique beekeeping practices, the aim is to raise awareness as to the importance of bees to mankind, enrich knowledge about the use and effects of bee products, preparations and apitherapy, and enhance people’s well-being.

Left photo: Traditional Slovenian Beehives are an important part of api experiences

An Api Experience

Experiencing nature, culture and people through eyes of bees. Prepare to be intrigued by the mystic world of bees. Not only will you have the opportunity to learn about different bee products, you will also have the chance to get as close to bees as you want. Beekeepers will invite you to enter a Slovene bee house. Observe a master beekeeper at work, search for wild swarms. Walk in the honey garden and learn about importance of each plant and tree. Open one of the hives and search for the queen and drones; observe them as they go about their work. Try bee products, a number of which enjoy medicinal applications, including some renowned meads and honey with beetroot. Take pleasure in api-cuisine, and participate in a workshop on cooking with honey or making honey dough dishes, baking honey breads, pastries and confectionary. Try beeswax candle making or decorating a beehive front panel. Savour sparkling mead served with chestnut honey flavoured cheese, or visit a brewery to see how honey beer is made. Reward yourself with bio honey massage in a typical Slovenian beehouse. Relax and enjoy the api beneficent fragrance of the hives. Make your own honey cream. And don’t miss the opportunity to take home a piece of what you have tried and enjoyed!

Api well-being

Revitalizing Body and Mind

Venture into a world of authentic experiences and first-class service, a world in which products and preparations deriving from the bee help us live happier and more harmonious lives.

Api Well-being is a philosophy and way of life aimed at engendering physical and psychological contentment; it reveals how to strengthen your body, mind and spirit through the knowledge and use of bee products and preparations. With coaching and treatment that integrates the natural and the man-made, Api Well-being programs offer a guide in maintaining one’s health and a proper balance in life, as well as developing sincere relationships.

Enhance your creativity with a help of Api experiences, such as inhaling the fragrance of hives in a bee house, taking a bio honey massage, or preparing yourself a natural energy-boosting honey drink. All revitalizing treatments are as much preventative as they are curative.

Amazing Benefits to the Human Body

  • A honey massage promotes body’s detoxification.
  • Resting in a beehouse and listening to the buzzing bees soothes and purifies the spirit.
  • Inhalations in a hive relieve pollen allergies and asthma, as well as increase lung capacity.
  • A honey facial mask stimulates clear, soft and glowing skin.
  • Face cream containing bee venom has an anti-aging effect on the skin.
  • Bee venom relieves and can even eliminate rheumatism-related problems.
  • The use of propolis in oral hygiene reduces the formation of a biofilm and tartar, as well as prevents periodontitis.
  • Alginate dressings permeated with chestnut honey have excellent healing properties.


Beekeepers are known to be healthy, and many live to a ripe old age, retaining their physical energy and clarity of thought to the very end. The bees themselves contribute a great deal to this because they demand concentration and calmness from the apiarist.

The hive fragrance that beekeepers inhale while working or resting in the bee house is most pleasant and beneficent. Because of the free circulation of aromatic air from the hives, such bee houses engender an extremely fine microclimate which exerts a favourable effect on the human respiratory system and well-being in general. Thus some beekeepers place beds within them, thereby transforming the bee house into an api-therapeutic chamber. Indeed, it is believed that pollen allergies can be cured through the regular and timely inhalation of air from beehives.

Even more beneficial to human health is the regular consumption of honey and other bee products, whose composition and characteristics are well known to every beekeeper. So, as our health is of the greatest importance, why not use them when they are forever on hand?

It is well known that beekeepers, prone to being stung, are less prone to various rheumatic ailments, largely because of their exposure to bee venom. Today apitherapy is a widely-established discipline, serving as a beneficial supplement to traditional medicine.

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