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Unspoiled nature surrounding the Storžič mountain offers ideal conditions for pasturage of bees that Kokl Beekeeping has been taking care of for several decades. Honeybees live in bee families where each of them is responsible for specific tasks. The interesting world of bees drew the attention of my parents Jože and Branka Kokl who started discovering it and transmitted their love for the little producers of valuable medicine and food to the younger generation. As their son, I continue the tradition of Kokl Beekeeping together with my wife Anastazija. I have known bees my whole life but I had no idea that they would become such a large part of my everyday life and that working with them would bring me so much joy.

I started taking beekeeping more seriously ten years ago, when I dedicated my heart and all my free time to the bees for good. My wife and I bought a bee truck with 72 beehives and we eagerly drive it around Slovenia wherever bees and their nectar take us.

My beekeeping knowledge grows with every passing year because I attend all the lectures organized by professional organizations and read expert literature. I am especially proud of my national vocational qualification in beekeeping gained in 2015 from the Slovenian Beekeepers’ Organization.

On my independent beekeeping path, I have created a home for my bee families in Potoče, a village in the valley of the Kokra river only about a kilometre away from the road connecting Preddvor and Jezersko. We are among the pioneers of apitourism in Slovenia and we love opening our doors to the growing number of visitors and bee products enthusiasts from all over the world.

Our training apiary introduces our guests to the mysterious world of bees. We tell them about the different tasks of the bees and the beekeeper. There is also a special beekeeping room where they can see and taste our apiculture products that received numerous national and international awards.



Med izpod Storžiča












Kokl Beekeeping is one of the pioneers of apitourism in Slovenia. In 2000 we built a modern apiary designed to promote Slovenian beekeeping at home and abroad. Kokl beekeeping offers a special apicultural experience. Guided tours are suitable for beekeepers, tourists, hotel guests, business partners and organized groups. We also discover the mysteries of the life of bees with preschool and school children during unforgettable field trips.

Our apitourism programs earned Kokl Beekeeping a certificate of excellence in apitourism in 2013.

Honey program:

  • Welcome drink – a shot glass of honey liqueur
  • Presentation of Kokl beekeeping
  • Presentation of the life of bees and the history of beekeeping
  • Tour of the training apiary, the bee transport container and honey plants
  • Presentation of honey production and bee products
  • Visit of the beekeeping room and honey extracting room
  • Tasting of various types of honey and bee products
  • Beekeeping workshop (candle making and beehive panel making)
  • Purchase of bee products

Additional offer:

  • Parking space for coaches and many cars
  • We offer expert guided group tours in Slovenian, English, German, Serbian, Croatian and Spanish
  • The event can be made livelier by an accordion player and Slovenian folk music
  • You can finish the visit of Kokl Beekeeping on your own with a pleasant picnic by the Kokra river. You can play sand volleyball and boules or take a stroll by the crystal clear Kokra.
  • Our guests can find accommodation and enjoy a meal in the immediate vicinity of Kokl beekeeping at Pension Zaplata (Tupaliče), Hotel Bor (Preddvor) or restaurant Bizjak (Zgornja Bela).

Tour duration: An hour and a half, the program can be modified to suit preschool and school children.

Visitor capacity: Kokl Beekeeping can welcome up to 50 visitors at once (coach) and up to three groups per day.



V neposredni bližini je veliko turističnih možnosti



Čudovita okolica Preddvora








Tourist attractions nearby:

  • Črnava Lake in Preddvor and Hrib Castle
  • Hiking trips in the surroundings of Preddvor (Kališče, Storžič, Potoška gora, Sv. Jakob, Lovrenc …)
  • The path of four castles near Preddvor (Josipina Turnograjska – the first Slovenian female poet and writer)
  • Bicycle trails in the surroundings of Preddvor
  • Educational forest path, ash tree avenues
  • The village of Bašelj – the Church of Sv. Lovrenc – Chamois trail
  • Jezersko

Comments from our guests:

An outstanding presentation of the art of beekeeping. Congratulations to the Kokl family for selflessly engaging in this business, they really set an example. Thank you! Keep it up! Slavko Prezelj, Slovenia

Today we visited this wonderful honey “factory”. It was an amazing experience, we could see the miracle of God. Canada

Inspiring and important project of worker bees in our ecosystem. The Kokl family were very professional and kind hosts. Thank you so much. Tim Bull, Wales

Together with the pupils of the second grade we would like to thank you for your effort in presenting your bee treasures. We wish you plenty of success in your work. May bees continue to be your greatest treasure. Pupils and teachers from France Prešeren primary school, Kranj, Slovenia

Master beekeepers Jože and Tomaž deserve credit for their knowledge, effort, selflessness and care for preservation of cultural heritage. This is a special virtue and they are passing it on to the younger generations. Rajka Barelj, Slovenia

Thank you for the presentation and honey tasting. It’s excellent! We have never seen real beehives before. Thank you so much!  Minn Family, USA

On our trip to Gorenjska and Jezersko we’ve stopped to visit this wonderful beekeeping homestead. We were very satisfied because we heard interesting stories about these hardworking creatures – the bees. Everything we’ve experienced here was amazing. We wish you a lot of success in beekeeping and may good honey bring you satisfaction. Thank you for your hospitality. Retiree society from Višnja Gora

We would like to sincerely thank you for a nice and warm welcome and a very educational and professional presentation. Thank you for your time and hospitality.  5th year veterinary students


  • Expert guide
  • Tour of the beekeeping facilities
  • Visit of the museum/presentation of old beekeeping equipment
  • Field trips for kindergartens and schools
  • Beekeeping workshops
  • Tasting of various types of honey and bee products
  • Purchase of bee products
  • Picnic in nature

Contact information

Čebelarstvo Kokl
Tomaž Kokl
Potoče 24b,
4205 Preddvor
GSM: +386 (0)31 616 558 (Tomaž)
F: facebook/cebelarstvo.kokl