Certification of Service Providers

One of the trends in green tourism is the application of epithets – such as locally produced, bio, eco, organic and healthy – in relation to holidays and trips. Such labels are also applied to api-tourism in Slovenia, while a holistic approach to responsible tourism categorises experiences according to their impact on the environment, culture and community.

Further to this, Slovenia is the first – and as yet the only – country to certify of api-tourism and apitherapy providers.

Assessment as to the specialisation and orientation of various api-tourism providers is currently underway. In most cases these encompass beekeepers who are target-oriented in their exploitation of opportunities in eco-apiculture, biodynamic apiculture, as well as beekeeping using various beehive systems. In addition, api-tourism also embraces other institutions, artisans and service providers, including, queen bee breeders, beekeeping ethnography collections, open-air museums and beekeeping education routes, apitherapists, beehive front panel painters, honey confectioners, beeswax candle-makers, honey-bread and honey-pastry bakers, honey beverage producers, natural api-cosmetic and care product makers, bespoke and specialist gift makers as well as many others.

Some also offer food and accommodation to tourists, sourcing local produce, innovative wellness packages as well as the possibility to engage in sport and recreation, including horse riding, trekking and hiking.

Providers are united in a Section for Apitourismus, so we can represent our self, speak whit tourist organisations and the state. I that way we can better introduce our innovative and unique experience in Apitourismus.

Blaž Ambrožič

President of Sections for Apitourismus